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P.O. Box 520 - Oxford, PA 19363 - 610-806-6555 - mercyproject@live.com - facebook.com/gpamercyproject
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Isabel has a learning disability and needs a little extra love and care. She was rescued from the streets five years ago and since she has been at the Home of Love Orphanage, God has blessed her life with stability, love and companionship with the many other children in the home. Consider helping her with the needs she has, your sponsorship would make such a great difference. 
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Twelve years ago, Marvin was brought to the 'Home of Love' by a neighbor. No one seemed to know anything about his family or who he belonged to. Now at age fourteen not one family members has ever been to see him or inquired about his well being, but he belongs to the Lord who had moved on someone to bring him to Arvil and Miriam Smith to care for him these many years. Now he needs your help to make sure all his needs are met.
Ericson was just two years old and no one wanted him, even when his mother sought a home for him, after a while they even decided they no longer wanted to care for him. Now he is five and for the last three years he has been in the care of The Home of Love Orphanage. Your sponsorship of him would assure that he will always receive the things he needs.
Pedro is 16 years old and is brother to Francisco, Karla and Isabel. When he was younger his parents gave him alcohol to get him to sleep and it has caused him to have some problems including a learning disability with a mental age of about 4 year old. He is very obedient and doesn’t cause any problems at all.
There was a day when Karla’s family lived in the streets and searched through garbage cans to try and find food. Her mother and father lived only for drugs leaving Karla and her siblings to fend for themselves in the city of Comayagua, Honduras. Now she is in the 'Home of Love' cared for by Arvil and Miriam Smith. Your sponsorship will ensure that she receives the things she needs as she is now school age. 
Marisol is 10 years old and has been at The Home of Love Orphanage for 8 years now. She has 2 sisters who are also at the orphanage with her because they don’t know where her mother is who is mentally ill. They were sent there by a judge and their dad has tried to get them back, but the judge won't let him take them and the kids have said they would rather stay at the orphanage anyway.
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