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P.O. Box 520 - Oxford, PA 19363 - 610-806-6555 - mercyproject@live.com - facebook.com/gpamercyproject
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The Mercy Project Ship Update!
The traditional work of one to three weeks with a team working primarily in the summer months to assist one missionary per trip is changing forever at the GPA. Once The Mercy Project is fully underway we will be spending seven to ten weeks at a time on mission. We will assist as many as ten missionary families on a single voyage and make up to four ports of call each time we go out to sea. It will be possible for us to spend thirty weeks in a single year dong the work from the ship. To put this into perspective; over the last five years we have seen an average of two thousand patients each summer, and have had about four hundred professions of faith each year, for that we praise God. The ship ministry will allow us to see up to fifteen thousand patients each year; considering that, we are just waiting to see how many salvation's will result from such a massive outreach with the gospel. I would estimate thousands instead of hundreds. 

I have to admit it; I felt like I had run a marathon when we finally finished paying the ship off and were able to get it moved to Summit North Marina in Bear, DE. Now we own the ship outright; so where do we go from here? The task ahead is also a big one and we want to make sure we proceed with caution so that we make no mistakes.

Over the course of the summer we will be doing some needed maintenance on the ship such as scraping and painting; inspection of the electrical and plumbing systems and general upkeep. While that is going on our engineer will be working on the plans for the entire refitting process and then it will need to be approved by a certified Marine Architect. 

Then finally we will undertake the task of refitting Mercy’s Vessel for use as a ship of mercy. Our need is to raise $120,000.00 specific for this work. Please consider how you might be able to assist us in this. We are seeking to have the majority of the money already raised before we start the work. It is important to us that we get the best job possible for the most reasonable cost. In order to do that, it is important that we not start and stop the work, once begun we need to proceed without delays or breaks till the work is complete. 

We need specific items purchased and volunteers to help with the work. 
​Check out our Gift Catalog to help us purchase the items needed. 

We are about to completely revolutionize the way we do Short Term Missions.