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P.O. Box 520 - Oxford, PA 19363 - 610-806-6555 - mercyproject@live.com - facebook.com/gpamercyproject
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During this difficult time we encourage everyone to stay safe and do what you can to assist one another in prayer, support and stay connected via phone and social media. 

GPAMM has been greatly affected by Covid-19. We had a scheduled eleven day medical mission trip to Honduras, April 23-May 2, that we had to indefinitely postpone. We first had difficulty in staffing the trip when several medical professionals in February told us they could not get time off work to make the trip due to Coronavirus. Then of course the restrictions came in March effectively ending any hope of leaving the country anytime in the near future. 

Also, the Coast Guard has intervened and has Mercy’s Vessel held in dock until after the crisis has passed. We are allowed on and off the ship for maintenance checks and we can stay on board so long as we don’t move the ship.

We have offered the city of Gulfport use of the ship, but at this time they have said they have enough medical facilities to handle the situation. Our offer still stands and the city has thanked us and will contact us if and when we are needed. 

During this time when we are not able to take groups out of the country, we are working in two homeless shelters and also working with a sister church in their food ministry. We are also seeking other ways to continue ministry providing Medical Mercy Packets and we have several volunteers making cloth mask for those who need them.

Our largest fundraiser of the year, The Mission Partners Dinner, was scheduled for April 2. We were forced to cancel the event for this year for obvious reasons. We usually raise about 25% of our annual budget at this event. Several supporters responded to a letter we sent with generous donations, but at the moment we are down considerably in our support level. We have cut our office staff to a minimum, two half days a week. By God’s grace we have covered insurance, docking fees and maintenance cost through June. We are praying that we can have our golf tournament in mid-June. There is always a bright side, we have had an increase in pledged monthly support during the last two months. 

We have several in our church affected by Coronavirus. One is in a nursing home, two have been hospitalized and several are quarantined at home. I believe it is six altogether. In our family my daughter-in-law’s grandmother, and her aunt and uncle have all tested positive. Her uncle is also a personal friend and pastor of a sister church, he and his wife are much better now but were very sick for over two weeks.

In 2020 we are looking for 200 partners to pledge 20.00 a month. Will you please consider being a partner with us? May God’s grace ever be with you through this uncertain time. 

Awaiting His Return! 

Dr. Gary S. Moore