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by Dr. Gary S. Moore

Can You Believe It

by Dr. Gary S. Moore on 04/03/20

“Who hath believed our report? and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?” Isaiah 53:1

My good friend Billy Sampson often starts a story by saying, “You won’t believe this!”, and to be honest sometimes I’m not so sure I believe what he says. Well, just kidding a bit but we hear that kind of phrase a lot. In this present moment I’m sure most of us are saying, “who would have believed this?” Just a couple of months ago life seemed to be pretty normal in these United States, then like a bolt of lightning our world was changed.

Yesterday I got up and for the first time in a week I put on dress clothes and a sport coat, just to go through the drive through at the bank. Every day we check to see how many more cases of Covid 19 there are in the world, the United States and in our local area. Friends get it and at least one acquaintance of mine has died from it. The mandatory stay at home orders and closure of businesses has hurt most everyone. Like I said, who would have believed it?

In the fifty-third chapter of Isaiah the question is posed to the whole of humanity, “Who hath believed our report?” This question however, is not the same as our questions of similar phrasing, ours are questions of doubt, but Isaiah’s is a question of faith. When he says “ whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?” he’s speaking of those who would have faith to bring salvation and eternal safety. The first question from Isaiah is for every individual to answer, that question is “can you believe that the suffering Jesus is raised from the dead and is the Saviour of the world?” Do you believe the report God has given? Isaiah’s question is not rhetorical, it demands an answer, and it demands an answer from you! 

Awaiting His Return! 

Dr. Gary S. Moore 

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