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by Dr. Gary S. Moore

Tuesday and Going Home......

by Dr. Gary S. Moore on 10/09/19

After four days on Mercy’s Vessel I’m sitting in the airport about to fly home. Gulfport is a really small airport and it takes me back to the time when flying was such an adventure. My very first flight was from Atlanta to Guatemala City, connection in New Orleans. It was 1976 and there was one flight a day in and out of Guatemala with no service on Sunday. Every traveler was made to feel special in those days and it meant my first flight was exciting, enjoyable and memorable. We did spend the night in New Orleans, but that story is for another blog.
This morning I was more than two hours early for my flight, I walked through the front door of the airport and checked myself in with no line. Then I proceeded to security to find a delightful fellow greeting everyone, all two people ahead of me and myself, by our first names and talking about what a wonderful day it was to be alive. So now I’m checked in, through security, standing at my gate and I still have two hours before my flight. I decided to have breakfast.
There is only one restaurant here and I find on the menu: two eggs, hash browns, bacon, toast and coffee is $8.00. Please don’t tell these people that it’s $25.00 for the same order in Atlanta. I see a lot of tables around me but only four with patrons. My breakfast is served by a very friendly young lady who delivers a perfectly cooked plate of bacon and eggs with a smile and the words, “no hurry, take your time and enjoy your breakfast.” That is exactly what I did. Now I realize that Gulfport is not a big city and I see only nine gates in the whole of the airport, but still the attention they give you is very refreshing, and today I don’t mind flying all that much.
Fast forward as now I’m at the Charlotte airport. I sure hope that this place is under construction because coming in I saw holes in the runway. No....I’m not kidding, the holes are marked with orange wedges that circle the open holes. I see that much of the inside of this place is also under construction. I was planning on a late lunch here as I had an hour and half layover, but after spending over half an hour sitting on the tarmac in sight of the gate and then having to leave E gates and walk to D gates and find my departing flight, I now see that I have about ten minutes till boarding starts. I did consider getting something anyway because I think I’m in boarding group thirty seven, but the only places near here is a Sushi Bar and a fruit smoothie stand. There is a Rum Bar that I passed but it was absolutely packed and I’d miss my flight if I went in there, not to mention the fact that I think people might be in there getting drunk. I’m not complaining, just comparing, it’s like two different worlds really. I was hoping for some North Carolina charm, you know “Going To Carolina In My Mind”, like James Taylor and all that, but the only difference between this airport and Philadelphia is the accent the people speak.
So now the last mile of the way. I’m in the air, sitting in a middle seat on row twenty-nine because I was to cheap to pay $27.00 to upgrade, but it feels real good. I’ll be back in Nottingham before dark and I’ll sleep in my own bed tonight. I’ll see Helen, preach at NMBC tomorrow night and feel like I’m where I belong. Please don’t get the wrong impression here, I absolutely love to travel, and I love Mercy’s Vessel, and I love visiting new churches and talking to people I’ve just met, and of course I adore the opportunity to share the gospel in a new place. At the end of the day though, there is no place like home. Family and friends, familiar faces and places, resting easy in a favorite chair, looking out onto the road I live on, there is comfort there. It feels good to be on my way home.
I’m really trying to find words to sum this thought up, but for the life of me I don’t think I can say it any different, or any better than just the words, It feels good to be on my way home. I hope you can relate, and I trust that you understand that as wonderful as going home is, there is an even better thought that comes to mind right now. “because man goeth to his long home,” 

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Going Home......