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by Dr. Gary S. Moore

Walking With Jesus: 10 - Fishers Of Men

by Dr. Gary S. Moore on 04/27/18

One Saturday about fifty-three years ago my Dad woke me up early and said, let’s go fishing, and we did. We fished off the bank all day, we ate Vienna Sausages out of the can, saltine crackers out of the box, and coke out of glass bottles. We caught a few, don’t really remember just how many, but I remember vividly, as the sun was setting, making the long walk from the bank to the car holding my Dads hand. I do believe it was one of the best days of my life. A couple of years later that would have never happened, but at eight years old I was still always ready to hold hands with my parents.

I still like to fish, especially for trout, but that day was not as much about fishing as it was about who I was fishing with. You really couldn’t be Tolbert Moore’s son and not go fishing, it was a very big part of our lives growing up because my Dad was a weekend fisher. So, we’re walking with Jesus and guess what, He’s a fisher. The thing is though, he fishes for men, not trout. And you really can’t be walking with Jesus and not go fishing.

“And Jesus said unto them, Come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men.” Mark 1:17. Notice how Jesus words His call to Simon and Andrew....”I will make you to become fishers of men.” It doesn’t matter who you are when you trust Christ, He is going to make you to become a fisher. Following Jesus means learning all about how to catch men with the glory of God’s love. The gospel that changed us will change others, and the heart of Jesus is to reach the world with His word. You might say, I’m really not into fishing, but that doesn’t matter, it’s not just about the fishing, it’s all about who you are fishing with.

Helen and I go to a lot of baseball games and we have the greatest time. We have already visited parks all over the country and yes, even Toronto, Canada as well, at the moment I’m up to 21 different MLB parks. I’m a baseball fan in a big way; Helen, maybe not so much, but we go together and she has learned the game and how to really enjoy it. You ask....WHY...because she loves me and so she learned to love what I love.

Do you love Jesus? If you do, He’s going to make you to become a fisher of men, and because you love Him; you learn to love His purpose, His heartbeat, His passion. When we spend the day with Jesus, it’s one of our best days ever!
I can hear Him calling me now, “get up, let’s go fishing.” And I say, nothing could suit me better. I’m becoming a fisher of men. #walkingwithjesus

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