What's It All About?

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by Dr. Gary S. Moore

What's It All About?

Beautiful Picture

by Dr. Gary S. Moore on 10/27/20

A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver. Proverbs 25:11

We read a lot in the scriptures about the power of words, and we are often warned of just how much damage can be done with the wrong words. We are advised to keep our tongue from evil; to avoid backbiting, to speak no lies and to refrain from flattering with our lips. We are also told that our words are as destructive as fire and as powerful as a whirlwind. Yes the scripture is filled with warnings about the way we use words. Here, however, we have one of the rare mentions of words in a positive light. The Psalmist reveals to us the beauty of words used rightly.
He writes of a word fitly spoken. I notice first the fact that word is singular. When we speak encouraging words; uplifting words, instructing words or praise worthy words, it doesn’t take a lot of words to make a powerful impact for good. One word spoken in the right place, at the right time and for the right purpose can do more good that a million words of flattery or deceit. These words may be few, but they are fitly spoken. I have a great friend in heaven now, Keith Johnson. He truly was a man of few words, but he was one of the best missionaries I ever worked with. He knew not only what to say, but how to say it. He rarely got angry, he was for the most part a soft spoken man, he could smile and speak a word of encouragement and that word would long be remembered. Keith knew how to choose his words wisely and use them sparingly, more often than not his words were perfect for the situation. Like apples of gold in pictures of silver, what a beautiful look that would be. Golden apples in a silver bowl, that would catch your eye for sure. Good words are beautiful beyond description. Today we have the opportunity to speak words of praise and offer songs of worship, those are words fitly spoken. Let’s lift up our voices together and offer beautiful words to the Lord our God. Then let’s leave this place and offer words fitly spoken throughout this coming week.  

What's It All About?

by Dr. Gary S. Moore on 09/29/20

What a crazy world we are living in...really.

We are faced with Covid 19, and some say it’s all about the science, but who’s science?  The CDC disagrees with the WHO, the NHS disagrees with AMA and the individual doctors are all over the map when it comes to the virus. We are also faced with social unrest, and some say it’s all about racial justice, but justice defined by who? The protesters say justice is denied the minorities, they demand changes in the “system”, but the system in large cities is handed down by liberal officials who are in conflict with prevailing president and standard of law. We are also faced with a breakdown of law and order, but our society can no longer agree on what law and order should look like. Liberal politicians call for the defunding of the police and yet complain when the police cannot keep order, conservatives plead for a strong response to violence while riots break out in protest over and over again each week. We are faced with huge stakes in the November elections, yet the left says the election will be tainted by voter suppression while conservatives warn of wide spread voter fraud.

As we look at the confused and fearful  state of our nation we are all asking, “what’s it all about”,  justice, law and order, the virus or political chaos? It seems to me most of the citizens of the United States don’t really have a clue as to what it’s all about. If you are a Christian you should be aware of the fact that all the things I’ve mentioned are mere symptoms of what’s really wrong with our country. We know that this world system is contrary to the Kingdom of Heaven and will ever and always seek worldly solutions for spiritual problems. It’s not about science, or justice, or politics or even law and order, it’s about Jesus.
We will never have peace in this world by political solution or edict of law or force of social protest. We should recall the words of scripture; Zechariah 4:6, “..Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts.”
First, let’s recognize what it’s all about; it’s all about Jesus, and that is much more than a cliche, it’s a fact even though it’s ignored by the overwhelming majority of the citizens of this nation. The Father, “...hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son:” Colossians 1:13. That means that our first allegiance is to Christ and His kingdom; not to some temporal, ever changing earthly kingdom, or government or principle that is often contrary to the Word of God. Christ is to be the center of our life and purpose. “He is before all things, and by him all things consist. And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence.” Colossians 1:17-18. This passage means that Jesus Christ should be the focus of our life, the focal point of all our attention and the driving force of our every action.

When we realize that life, purpose and endeavor is all about Christ, then the turmoil of this world will not overwhelm us and we can calmly live a life that will make an eternal difference. I will not stand before God and give an account for the politicians, community leaders, judges or social leaders of this country, but I will give an account of my own life and how I lived it. We must be aware that every action we engage in, each word we speak and every choice we make will be viewed in an eternal perspective. We must stand for Christ; the Bible, the Church, good over evil and right over wrong. We are called to fight the good fight of faith, the victory is up to God almighty.

Can You Believe It

by Dr. Gary S. Moore on 04/03/20

“Who hath believed our report? and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?” Isaiah 53:1

My good friend Billy Sampson often starts a story by saying, “You won’t believe this!”, and to be honest sometimes I’m not so sure I believe what he says. Well, just kidding a bit but we hear that kind of phrase a lot. In this present moment I’m sure most of us are saying, “who would have believed this?” Just a couple of months ago life seemed to be pretty normal in these United States, then like a bolt of lightning our world was changed.

Yesterday I got up and for the first time in a week I put on dress clothes and a sport coat, just to go through the drive through at the bank. Every day we check to see how many more cases of Covid 19 there are in the world, the United States and in our local area. Friends get it and at least one acquaintance of mine has died from it. The mandatory stay at home orders and closure of businesses has hurt most everyone. Like I said, who would have believed it?

In the fifty-third chapter of Isaiah the question is posed to the whole of humanity, “Who hath believed our report?” This question however, is not the same as our questions of similar phrasing, ours are questions of doubt, but Isaiah’s is a question of faith. When he says “...to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?” he’s speaking of those who would have faith to bring salvation and eternal safety. The first question from Isaiah is for every individual to answer, that question is “can you believe that the suffering Jesus is raised from the dead and is the Saviour of the world?” Do you believe the report God has given? Isaiah’s question is not rhetorical, it demands an answer, and it demands an answer from you! 

Awaiting His Return! 

Dr. Gary S. Moore